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Welcome to the Live Streams page.

You can find Live, Free and HQ Streams from all kind of sports. Choose one of the links and sit comfortably - your game is about to begin!
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Myp2p is the best sport stream aggregator on the northern Hemisphere! And it ain't gonna change... is MyP2P free sport streams style website, like was before someone shut them down (no one knows what happened). Myp2p is sport stream webiste, which means that you just come, click and watch sports. No problems, no hassles. At some other MyP2P there were viruses, but here you can see just ads for sportsbooks mostly. If you want to support MyP2P, register thru the banners. Thank you.

So once again, it is easy. Pick up a stream - click on it. If it does not work, try another link. MyP2P is a sport stream aggregator, so there ale plenty of links to each event. No streams are hosted on this website, never were and never will be. Some links work only with additional software installed before you start downloading the stream. If you want to watch streams on mobile phone, use Skyfire browser! The best links are located on the top of the page. The links are sorted by time, so the newest links are also on the top.

If you are happy using Myp2p, spread the word about us (Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter etc is waiting for your click). We warn you: NEVER ADD sport streams THAT ARE NOT FOR FREE! If you add stolen streams we will find you. Also we will do other steps and your IP address will not be kept secret. Support world economy and jobs! Intellectual property will stand even if mankind vanishes.


the best place for all of the sport streams

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